Racism, Bias And Self-Doubt: Being BAME In Real Estate In 2019

In April 2019, Mike Phillips, UK Editor of Bisnow and BAME in Property asked our 400 members to take part in a survey to find out what it's really like to be a BAME professional in property in 2019.

The results are out and Mike has put together many of the responses in this fascinating piece.

We found that racism and discrimination were commonplace, and about 70% of those who responded said they had experienced racism or discrimination of some kind — sometimes subtle and insidious, sometimes open and vile. There is still very much a sense that the avenues to the top of the profession are closed off, something that even a cursory glance at UK property boardrooms would confirm.

Reasons to be positive? UK property is changing. The conversations about diversity being held within companies and lobbying organisations and in the media are at least highlighting that a problem exists. And those who responded had some concrete ideas about how the industry can turn this talk into tangible change, change that for BAME professionals in property cannot come quickly enough.

Read the full feature here.