Four Ways Co-Working Spaces Foster Diversity & Inclusion

**In recent years the co-working arena has taken off globally. From WeWork to Regus, it's a popular choice for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and those just looking for an inspiring environment to work. **

One of BAME in Property’s Partners is WorkSpott, a growing network of drop-in workspaces. They transform underutilised urban locations, such as restaurants and bars, into productive spaces where people can come and get things done.

Workspott’s Co-founder, Van Sharma and BAME in Property’s Founder, Priya Shah believe co-working and diversity come hand in hand. The people you meet and the stories you hear from around the world in shared spaces are the foundation for ideas, different ways of working and appreciation of various cultures.

Here’s our round up on four ways that we think co-working and diversity go hand in hand.

1. Grows your network

One of the biggest draws to co-working is that you are constantly meeting new people, thereby broadening your personal and professional network. Co-working environments are a great way to get out of the house and make impactful connections that can lead to new prospective clients, relevant connections and even new friends. If this was an office, you’re essentially meeting a new colleague everyday - embrace this, say hello and you never know where that person might fit into your entrepreneurial journey.

2. Cultivates new ideas

Diversity in people equals diversity in thought. What better way to develop your next business idea than by working in a co-working space? This allows you to gain feedback and advice from other co-workers, often from different parts of the world. People from different countries have often been exposed to different working environments and cultural ethos, which can provide unique insights and perspectives into an idea, helping to take it that extra mile.

3. Embraces new cultures

Some of the major global cities in the world, such as London, New York and Hong Kong are multicultural epicenters. They all breed a new batch of talented and ambitious entrepreneurs and perhaps even ‘funtrepreneurs’! Point being, multicultural cities promote innovation, creativity and prosperity. This diversity should be celebrated and seen as an opportunity to broaden your knowledge. Remember; there is no limit to your learning.

**4. Increases female entrepreneurship **

Year on year, co-working spaces have seen an increase in female membership. According to DeskMag, females occupy close to 40% of co-working membership. This growing trend is part of a new wave of global growth fueled by more budding female entrepreneurs, keen to enter or remain in the workforce, whilst also having more flexibility with different personal and professional obligations.

When women make up half of the population, their contribution to the workforce can only be a benefit. From offering different skills, such as collaboration and leadership, to multitasking better, often due to parental responsibilities, women offer more diversity in thought. Co-working spaces make the working environment more inclusive for their lifestyles, needs and preferences.

*How have co-working spaces benefitted you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in our comments section. *